A browser-based, metadata-driven EDC software and workflow methodology for designing clinical and translational research databases.

Shared Data Instruments Library

Shared instruments library for evaluation and assessment.


For NRMN mentors and mentees to connect and collaborate with one another.

Dashboards & Reports

The FIRSTCEC.org portal will support public dashboards and metrics to showcase progress made by the consortium and awardees, and features to download and share reports in spreadsheet and PDF formats.

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FIRST CEC Leadership

Creating a culture that embraces inclusivity, diversity, and synergy to foster institutional culture change

Jamboor Vishwanatha
PI and Project Director

Dr. Vishwanatha brings substantial experience working with interdisciplinary teams across the nation...

Riyaz Basha
Administration Team Lead

Dr. Basha has overseen numerous programs focused on diversity, leadership, grantsmanship, and traini...

Erika Thompson
Evaluation Team Lead

Dr. Thompson is a public health researcher who has worked with Texas Community Engagement Alliance (...

Toufeeq Ahmed
Data & Infrastructure Team Lead

Dr. Ahmed is a computer scientist by training and actively leads education informatics research, new...

Harlan Jones
Communications Team Lead

Dr. Jones has dedicated his professional academic career toward preparing the next generation of div...




Of “high-performing” level are led by a certified project manager



That meets quality standards required by our users



Actively engage team members that finishes on time

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